Day 2: La Tour de Peilz to Saint Maurice

There is one word for today. Inflamed tendent. So I’d love to tell you about the beautiful landscape – which it really was, mountains in the distance covered in magical clouds mainly – but mostly I was trying to ignore the pain in my right foot. It also rained pretty much all day. I ran into a Spanish pilgrim who had lost her way so we walked on together. She spoke Spanish while I was speaking French and we communicated without any problems. One reason why I love travelling and speaking different languages. Many kilometres in the rain later we met an Italian guy who lives here and gave us a lift to St. Maurice after inviting us to coffee, water and biscuits with his family. Don’t judge me. It was just the last bit of the way and I really wouldn’t have made it to the bed on foot. I’m supposed to rest for a few days. But after a nice supper with the padre of the monastery including their own wine and cherries, I feel that the 17km tomorrow are doable. We’ll see. Rest well.









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