Day 3: St. Maurice to Martigny

After a nice breakfast in the monastery with my fellow pilgrims Mery and Günther, another German who stayed there, we take off to Martigny. Despite my Achilles’ tendon being inflamed, it worked quite well for about four and a half hours. Which I personally think is pretty great.




The landscape we walked through was very diverse and always absolutely beautiful. There were rivers to cross, donkeys and alpacas to meet, waterfalls and magical forests waiting to be discovered. The beauty of nature simply can’t hide in a pilgrimage. And Switzerland has lots of it to show.





After being given some apricots by very nice Swiss people picking them from their trees, I cooled down my swollen foot in a ice-cold fountain so I managed to walk another one and a half hours to today’s destination Martigny. Believe me, my feet were hurting badly and one of my toes is strangely swollen. I also have bad marks on my shoulders and hip bones not to mention the general limp that gives my walk the personal edge. But in the end you ignore all the pain, well, kind of, and just keep walking. Basically because stopping and standing us not an option since you won’t be able to sleep in a nice bed if you don’t reach it. So here I am again with Mery and Günther, having pizza for dinner and a glass of red. Tomorrow the ascension begins. From now on its forwards and upwards (and down and up and down and up again) until we eventually reach the top of Grand St. Bernard and thereby the Italian border…


Very best thing of today was the constant sunshine during all of the nearly 18 kilometers. Proud to be a pilgrim. No pain no glory they say. Fighting on then…


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