Day 4: Martigny to Orsières

Today began the hike uphill and in regards to the state of my foot, walking uphill really is the worst thing to do. However, courageously Mery and I set out on the marked path through the mountains. We thought that if it’s too rough on my heel we can always choose to take the road instead since we were crossing it in another village in the way. In addition you have to know that I am scared of hight. I have made the decision to get over that fear quite a while ago though when I spent some time in New Zealand and decided to jump out if a plane to prove to myself that fear is only in your mind and (like pain) it can be conquered. Today was prove of this fact again. Instead of tumbling in face if the tiny little pathways along the cliffs, I even managed to give my hiking mate a hand and encourage her more tag a thousand times to walk on. Turns out, her fear of hight is much worse than mine. It basically left no time for me to be afraid or to feel the pain in my foot.
When we reached the road again, it was actually her who wanted to take it. Within me the stupid need to do it all had taken over. But considering that she would have taken the road for me because of my pain, I decided it was ok to take the road for her because of her fear. It wasn’t to bad since we were walking along a river most of the time, met a lot of biker waving at us and even saw some buffaloes. We had a nice break in the middle of a round about with some St. Bernard dogs made of stone. It was pretty hot all day which wasn’t always perfect with the street reflecting the heat. But at least I can say, I walked all the way to today’s goal Orsières. It’s a bank holiday in Switzerland so there’s a lot of fireworks going on. We are staying in the refuge of the local church, where we met Günther and another pilgrim from Luzern, Switzerland there, went to mess, talk to the pastor (who gave ya his wifi code) and then went for another over expensive dinner. Two more days in Switzerland, then it’s back to normal prices. Setting out for more uphill hiking through the mountains tomorrow. Can’t wait. Grand St. Bernard at an altitude of nearly 3000m is getting closer and closer…
PS: foot isn’t better but not worse either. Booking that under positive.


















And this is me sitting outside the church using the pastor’s wifi to write this blog…



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