Day 7 and 8: Grand St. Bernard to Gignod to Nus

I didn’t have internet yesterday so here is my update for both days. After breakfast at the hospice in St. Bernard with Helen and Arjen, the Dutch couple (horrible coffee once again, definitely time for Italy) the sun waited for us outside.

We crossed the border 200m later. Not much of a difference if you ask me. We took great photos and were very glad we didn’t try to descend the day before tired, cold and wet. This way it was beautiful. And it still took quite a while to get to St. Rémy.




We walked through some more villages, all downhill, until we arrived very tired in Étroubles where we had lunch. Luana left us three kilometres later as she couldn’t walk on. Maybe she also wanted to walk a bit of her own way again too.


We were exhausted too, but Günter and I pushed on through a magic forest, mainly, to Gignod. On the way we ran into Helen and Arjen. We stay at the campsite and have a wonderful dinner together in a great restaurant for nearly no money. Viva Italia!



It was pretty cold at night, apparently we are still in the mountains. But the amazing espresso for breakfast made up for that big time. 1€! So today Günter and I set out to Aosta, one of the bigger cities on the way and did some sight seeing there. I used my proper camera so don’t have too many photos. After a coffee with the Dutch, yes, we met again, we walked on. And I can’t describe the landscapes and views much, because mainly it was hot! Instead of the cold Swiss rain, we now got dry Italian heat. Perfect. Got a tan already. And dragged on the next 16km. Only to find out, that the church in Nus doesn’t take in any pilgrims. I was furious! But am now in a nice cheap hotel (special prices for pilgrims! Somebody cares!) and can finally relax my feet!










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