Day 9: Nus to St. Vincent

So, yesterday I’ve been told that today’s trek was mainly even and not much up and down. Believe me when I say it was nothing but!!! We were supposed to meet up with the Dutch couple in Nus yesterday, but they didn’t show up. They are well though, they just texted. So in the morning we set out on today’s level path to go on a sinus adventure. Up and down through paths unwalked in months. They say that the Via Francigena is less travelled than for example the Camino de Santiago. I can tell from today’s experience, that’s true! Grass and other plants up to my knees I climbed the mountains again and was very happy about the two black extra legs in my hands (my walking sticks that is). So after another long day in the sun, we arrived in Châtillion to look at St. Peter’s church which made enough sense since the sign of this Via is St. Peter’s keys. Since we were very drained of our supernatural walking powers however, we decided to skip the chapel, roman bridge and the castle by solely looking at them from afar. Believe me, walking on sometimes is more than enough asked of a pilgrim.








Meeting donkeys and garden gnomes, crossing waterfalls on bridges and surpassing a rack railway nearly on our knees in mudd, we finally reach St. Vincent.



There, we walk to the church to ask for shelter for the night. This is a pilgrimage after all and they are published by their faith to help others. They don’t though. Apparent the d pastor had decided not to do so anymore and because he died they have to wait for a new one to make a decision now. We insist and get lucky. The stand in from Uganda is there to decide. We watch him in his orange polo shirt and green shorts while he thinks and talks for ages to then offer the perfect solution! Since Günter and I are not married we cannot stay in the parocchia together. So he can stay with the “men who don’t have a place to sleep”, “and…” He doesn’t look at me but at my male companion, “the mademoiselle…”, he looks to the ground, lowers his voice and starts mumbling, “can stay in the parocchia.” I guess, with him, that is. Because it’s ok for him to stay there with a girl alone but not with a guy and a girl. Makes perfect sense. I know slimy, weasely guys like him. And then he pretends to be upset when we do not take the offer. Thank you! I’m outraged. Is this the love, respect and kindness the Christian religion is based on? From now on I will knock on every churches door, make a list of the ones who won’t let me in and give it to the pope at the audience every pilgrim gets. It’s just a service with him there. But believe me, if I want, I’ll manage to give him the damn list. We’ll see…
We are now in a nice hotel with a balcony and white towels. They lowered their price since we’re pilgrims (again, someone cares. You’re stars!) but it still adds up in total. Two months on the road aren’t cheap my friends. Anyway. Let’s be different from that pastor, show some love and care for other people! Help me donate money for humanitarian aid in Gaza and the Middle East. Donate button is in the sidebar. That’s why I’m walking. To show that somebody cares. Prove me right, please! Because my feet and legs are hurting badly and I’m walking on anyway.



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