Day 13: Borgofranco d’Ivrea to Viverone

Yesterday’s dinner with Lucia and Vincenzo at “I Tre Ciliegi” was amazing. All home grown and home cooked, with great company. They speak French and English and care just so much about their pilgrims it’s incredible. For breakfast Lucia even made little pancakes with water instead of milk because I can’t eat dairy. They didn’t even ask for extra money although we ate with them. (We gave them more, however) So, after a brilliant start… The day went bad! Seriously, I felt unwell the whole time, kind of sick in the throat. And we walked through mosquitoes to start with, then did a freaking detour because we followed the signs instead of our guides. They made is walk twice the distance. And I guess it was only to make us walk past a stupid café I didn’t give a damn about! I was so very annoyed. The grey sky above me reflected my grim mood very well. I want to say I was angry, but really it was more that kind of helpless anger, when you know you can’t do anything and don’t have anyone specific to point your hatred towards. In thoughts I sharpened my daggers and put on my red costume to seek revenge. I know, it’s a bit over the top and of course I didn’t do anything but to walk on. Grimly. We reached the next town and decided bot to follow the stupid signs again but rather go straight on. The day was hard. I was annoyed and angry with the world, or me, who knows. I tried so hard to shake it off, but me feeling unwell didn’t actually help getting over my grumpy mood. Then it got pretty hot under the grey sky. I felt even more sick and every drip of water I so desperately wanted to drink increased the feeling. Not helping. My mood didn’t get much better during the day. Don’t get me wrong, the route wasn’t bad, I was. It looked beautiful. I felt unwell, my feet were hurting. And all I could do was put one foot in front of the other. I didn’t even take photos. We intended to go to Ropollo and were closing in on the village before that is actually at a lake. So all of a sudden I had this idea in my head of swimming in the lake later on. I decided to descend the hills from this village and make my way to a campsite on the lake. My fellow pilgrim Günter decided to accompany me and we asked for a camper since he doesn’t have a tent. We are now at Camping La Rocca where the amazing Italian host gave us a caravan and is even helping us to find a place to stay tomorrow while offering us some wine right now. He’s now thinking about reserving a camper for pilgrims all the time… This is what I love about Italy. Some of the people are just so helpful and amazing! Thank you! Earlier, we went for that swim I imagined and it was even more fulfilling than I thought. I’m happy again. Thank God. Being miserable isn’t made for me!






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