Day 14: Viverone to Santhià

Getting up this morning felt easy. We packed our things and had a little breakfast at the campsite. Then all I wanted to do was walk. I might have got annoyed by the “tick tick” sound of my walking sticks and was therefore trying to escape it, but I really just felt full of energy and wanted to get to my goal. I was in no hurry though. I stopped to take photographs of four churches, two with cemeteries. Two of them weren’t even on my way and I did a detour, knowingly! Fascinating. We also stopped for coffee and later on had a pizza break in the grass. By the time we came close to Santhià, I have to admit, however, that my feet were aching again. And the intense heat was doing its job quite well also by pushing me down. It was seriously close to impossible to stop in the sun. It was like a cloud that pressed you into the ground. In addition we saw the first rice fields today. The area here is famous for it and there will be much more tomorrow. (Which also explains the plague if mosquitoes. The count if my bites is now over thirty)
I think it’s so great to see the landscape change while you’re walking through it. I guess, walking, you really perceive the world around you and don’t just rush from one place to another. Tonight we’re staying in a pilgrims’ hostel with six beds led by the church. It’s very nice. It’s got all the little things you need, like a clothes horse. We’re even getting little lavender bags for the backpack. (I also bought febreeze, since it’s smelling badly…) we did some shopping in a proper supermarket for tomorrow’s 30km hike. Phew! I felt like a normal person when I entered. How impressive. Off to enjoy some nice dinner now. Will let you know tomorrow how bad the 30k were!!!











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