Day 15: Santhià to Vercelli

Today’s walk was long. We made the first eight kilometres to San Germano pretty quickly and we were well surprised when we got there. On we went, basically zigzagging around the highway through the rice fields. And that was it. All day. The sun got hotter an hotter (40+), I got an amazing tan (must love the pilgrim tan lines on neck, arms, legs and ankles…) and was dying in the heat. We had a little pick nick in the shade but due to the movement of the sun that shade didn’t last too long and we walked on. After what seemed forever we arrived in Vercelli. We’re staying in a convento, which is ok. I thought this city was some cultural gem and was keen to explore it only to find it very unimpressive. Well. I got a lump on my right Achilles so covered it in voltaren hoping for it to be gone tomorrow. Other than that, the day was very quiet. You wonder what I do when simply walking straight? Thinking about ex boyfriends for example (God bless them) and about the past and the possibilities the future holds. And then there is silence. I love how peaceful walking is. Very relaxing. Breath deeply.



Today’s view, only to be interrupted by a … CHURCH!

Which was, guess what, LOCKED! Of course… So on it went.


PS: I’ve now done two of eight weeks on the road and covered about 333km of a total of apparently 1133 kilometres.


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