Day 17: Robbio to Mortara

Today’s walk was great. We had sunshine and mild wind, walked through more rice fields and what seemed to be “bush land”. (Seriously, get someone in to mow the freaking stuff…)


We came across some churches like Santa Maria del Campo.

Arriving in Mortara we get to stay in a beautiful abbey. We are being let in before they usually open the doors to pilgrims and settle in. The people are amazing. The lady here brings us cold water and fruit straight away. We then make our way back into the centre of the village to enjoy some Italian life.





I can’t even begin to explain the taste. And so cheap! On return to the abbey we are served dinner which is incredible and way too much to eat. We get pasta and steak with salad. Wine too. There is so much food, we manage to make steak sandwiches for tomorrow. And even pack some fruit. There will be breakfast too. Everything is perfect for a pilgrim. A nice bed, shower with hot water, a place to wash your clothes and to put them in the sun to dry. The father comes by just to give us our stamp for the pilgrims credential. And all of this is for a DONATION! No particular amount of money asked. Crazy! We’re in pilgrim heaven (partially due to the sugar rush from our little feast earlier, I guess).



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