Day 20: Pavia to Santa Cristina e Bissone

Today’s journey went mostly via streets through many little villages with all bars closed since it’s Sunday. I don’t get it. Shouldn’t all the bars be open on Sundays because there’s nothing else to do? Anyway. So we walked out of beautiful Pavia (so sorry to leave…) and basically followed road after road, having little breaks and finally finding a bar in Borgioioso, which is 17 of today’s 27 kilometres. We get tired to be honest. I don’t get these people walking a minimum of 30km per day. It’s too much! For me at least. (Not meaning to be disrespectful!) So after 17 kilometres we’re tired and just keep walking on. Once more we are being eaten alive by the mosquitoes and stop at a nice fountain for a second coke just before we arrive at today’s goal. That’s another thing. Usually I never drink coke or any other kind of sugary water. Here, every day, it’s nearly essential. Maybe due to all the walking I need the sugar. But a cold coke on the way feels like heaven. (Dear Coca cola, you should sponsor me for this ad!) After another short walk we arrive in Santa Cristina. The Oratorio is fine although the showers are cold. Very glad I’ve been walking through the heat all day… We meet a Canadian couple from Quebec and have a beer and then dinner together. I get to practice my French again and even manage to communicate with that very own accent. The evening is good although the food doesn’t fulfil it’s usual Italian standard. (Maybe we shouldn’t have gone to a restaurant owned by Chinese people, being in Italy and all. But since it’s Sunday and the village is tiny, everything else is closed.) I’m tipsy after half a litre of beer and a quarter litre of bad wine. So off to bed it is. It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m turning 29. But I guess I won’t make it to midnight… I get to be on a cool ferry tomorrow though and get to collect three amazing stamps instead of one. Yes, life of a pilgrim is very modest. I’m looking forward to my birthday on the road tomorrow. Sleep well.












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