Day 22: Calendasco to Montale (Piacenza)

Starting on time this morning despite the “late” night with loads of booze, it’s raining. We manage to find a nice bar to have breakfast which includes a bread roll with ham and not just another croissant. Happy start. When we begin our walk the rain stops for nearly all the way to Piacenza. On the way there are two beautiful views, the rest is road.



After an endless walk through the outskirts of Piancenza, about fifteen minutes before making it into the centre, it starts raining again. I’m so glad I bought a (…nother) rain cape after the incident in the way to Robbio. In my fisherman’s cape I look awefully sexy (I bought it in a fisherman’s store in Mortara) and am well protected against the water St. Peter is sending down on his poor pilgrims.

In Piacenza we look at Il Duomo and other churches, have lunch in a nice old bar and later on an espresso in a cool café. In the beginning I was impressed walking into a dome, until I realised they have one in every bigger town. Still, it looks awesome! I get a stamp and the nice guy working there photo copies the last empty page of my credential just in case I don’t manage to find new one before this one is full.


On the way out of Piancenza through more rain, we encounter Romulus and Remus, the two brothers nursed by a wolf, who founded the city of Rome over a fight.

We arrive in Montale only to find the place that has the key for the ostello in the old Templar church is closed for holidays. Must love August in Italy. After several phone calls in Italian and not understanding a word, we finally manage to get a key. It was worth it. The place has been renovated but the old wooden structures and stone pillars have been kept visible and every time the bell rings you can feel the whole building shaking. Awesome!

We go to a supermarket and have a lovely dinner at our place. I also manage to find new socks to replace the ones that have a whole. Happy pilgrim… 😉

PS: I wrote this article twice because I was stupid enough to accidentally delete the draft. You better appreciate the effort!


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