Day 24: Roveleto to Costamezzana

After yesterday’s dinner and a cosy big bed my day was good again. I’m very grateful to the lady at the hotel’s reception. Amazing to meet great people.





They even take us to Fidenza the next village on the way in the morning so that we don’t have to walk the same way twice. Fidenza has a pilgrim’s office where I got a current list of accommodation and a new credential. There is also a very impressive, guess what, dome.






We go for a coffee and meet Jesper, a guy from Switzerland who has started walking a few days ago in Piacenza and is also headed to Rome. It’s his birthday today. He’s 27 now. We decide that there isn’t more to see in Fidenza and keep walking. On the way, you’re allowed to laugh, I trip over my shoelaces and fall kind of onto my backpack. My shoulder is stuck in it somehow and dislocates half way. It dies pop back in, but hurts badly. Nice old ladies come by and bring ice and arnica. We take a break. My knee is scratched too. But then I manage to put the backpack back onto my shoulder…

After a few more breaks we arrive in Costamezzana. It’s nice. And tiny. 400 people live here. We look at the church, which is closed.

Afterwards we hang out at the one trattoria in the village. Lo Scoiattolo, the squirrel. We have coffee and birthday-cake, which we don’t have to pay for, and then dinner later on. The owner also offers a round of Nocino, a liquor made from nuts with cinnamon and sugar, that’s typical for the region. Great! Sweet! Sharp!
It’s been a fun day although my shoulder is still hurting and I can’t lift my arm properly. But – my feet didn’t hurt today. Think positive.




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