Day 25: Costamezzana to Fornovo di Taro

Halfway! I seriously cannot believe that I managed to walk half of the kilometres to Rome. I am very happy to have done so indeed, because it is an encouragement that is needed. Today I couldn’t help but be tired of walking. Nearly four weeks on the road, walking with my backpack and sticks every single day, it gets boring. I mean, seeing new things everyday, staying in a different place every night really is amazing. It’s simply the fact that I’m continuously doing this, especially the walking part, that bores me a little bit. I’m good though.
Günter is leaving us tomorrow morning to go back home and continue his walk next year to finish in Rome. He will be missed! We had so much fun together… Jesper and I are emotionally preparing for the hills (I was told they are no mountains at and altitude of 1200m…) just ahead of us. It’s going to take three days to get through. I hope I’ll make it. My heel was ok today. My shoulder made it too. They are both painful but in an endurable way.
This morning we had a great breakfast then walked uphill for the first time in a week, and passed some locked gates in the middle of nowhere.


The landscape today was beautiful. So even if it’s more exhausting, there is a good side to hilly landscapes.

We stopped at a church I enjoyed some time on the playground.


Later on we passed a very old oak tree with a mailbox set up next to it. Jesper opened it and it turns out it holds a notebook for pilgrims to leave a thought. How amazing an idea.

We put in another break for ice cream. (Really would have loved to have one of their delicious cakes…)

After an endless detour along the lake which made us walk 25 instead of the once 20 kilometres (we were outraged!!!) we finally reached the bridge across to Fornovo.




Onward and upwards!


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