Day 31: Sarzana to Marina di Massa

After leaving Sarzana this morning I had to return immediately to pick up my walking stick in the café. First extra kilometre. I then attached them both to the backpack. Hands free now. Then we followed the signs to end up at a roundabout with no more signs. Apparently we missed a turn and walked some more additional kilometres up to that beautiful old castle. Today, however, I don’t mind. It’s hot already and pretty exhausting. Sweat is running down everywhere. But the weather is nice and so is the road. I’m annoyed, yes. But I don’t mind the walk.

Back on the Via, we cross beautiful Tuscany. I can’t describe how amazing things look and smell. The colours are bright, olive trees everywhere, cacti all around…

And then, we reach the sea. Stopping for a cool coke we get our first chance to enjoy the view.

Several kilometres further on, having set up tent on a campsite and having showered long and with massive amounts of soap against the sweat from walking in the hot sun for half a day, we finally make it into the sea.

Feeling fresh and nice again, we have dinner at the beach to come back to machine washed clothes. I have mentioned before the amazing feeling and smell of it.

Today was amazing. And because of days like these I love travelling. It’s been one month on the road for me today! Unbelievable! Don’t rest in one place. There are so many others to be discovered!

PS: I have amazing pictures of today, but the internet is being stupidly slow on full reception. I’ll put them all in tomorrow. Sleep well y’all.


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