Day 33: Camaiore to Lucca

For once I managed to get up quite early and leave before seven. The truth is, that after a month, I usually wake up at six anyway. So why not make something of it by arriving at places early, I thought.
So I stopped for a coffee and on I went. The first time the signs varied from the description in my book, I followed the signs. Only to find they were leading my in a strange zigzag way to avoid the road. All extra steps my friends. No thank you. So I went back on the road and ignored all signs. Finally I had to climb up a steep hill covered in horse flies. Again. These little monsters are everywhere! The views are great however. And just so that you know they still exist, here is a picture of a madonna shrine…



The landscape is very hilly and the sun is quite strong already at 9am. But there is shade again and again, and I pass through some very nice little villages.




I reached Lucca by 12.30pm. Entering through one of the old gates, I make my way to the tourist office to get a map.

After checking into the hostel, I have some lunch and climb a really important tower called Torre Guinigi to have an amazing view of the city. After doing the first steps, I realize I have already walked 25km in the morning. The view is amazing though.



I make my way to the cathedral, where the entrance is free for pilgrims (everything costs money here. Tourist town…) so we can get the stamp.




I have a coffee and meet an Italian guy who used to work in Timmendorf, next to where I live… He says we should have dinner together. At 21.30. Italian time. Too late for me. And I wanted to be on my own anyway. I keep wandering to look at everything important and then go to a Puccini concert in a church in the evening. Very happy!




Returning to the hostel I run into Mery, the Spanish pilgrim I met on day two. Since she wants to go there too, we head to Pisa together today. A day to relax from the pilgrimage…


One response

  1. Viel Spaß in Pisa,… und stell den Turm mal wieder gerade


    August 31, 2014 at 6:31 am

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