Day 39: Chianni to San Gimignano

This morning I leave the hostel with Jesper and Markus around 7.30. The dinner last night was amazing and afterwards we got a private tour of the church the hostel is attached to. Amazing. I’ve never been in a church alone at night before…
The breakfast is the usual Italian one so we stop up in Gambassi Terme for a proper coffee and some more food. Today’s trip isn’t long, but we’re taking ages. The landscape is beautiful and we pass quite a few wineries. One of them we enter: La Torre Antica. It’s all organic wines and Markus and I try a very good dessert wine from the region. It’s called Santo Colombano.


On it goes. Quite a bit uphill. I’m trying to keep up with the boys and have to admit that I’m defeated after a while. I let them run on and slow down to my usual uphill speed, which is that of a snail. We finally get to take a break later on and then see a pilgrimage church called Santuario Madre della divina Provvidenza. Afterwards we climb even higher to see an old farmyard called Collemuccioli, which includes a church. The people from all different religions living there are in a silence phase so sadly we cannot have a look around. It’s very impressive still.
A little further away we can ready see San Gimignano which we reach via a road.


Here we are staying in a monastery, Convento Sant’Agostino, which is very big and rely beautiful. The view from my room is amazing.



After the daily routine of a shower and washing the clothes, we go for a stroll around town with the other pilgrims. It’s beautiful.



Finally we climb up to the castle to get this magnificent view.





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