Day 40: San Gimignano to Badia Isola

Leaving San Gimignano on my own in the morning I’m enjoying the peace and quiet and my own speed.


I decided to do the longer, but more beautiful walk. It meant five kilometres extra, but at least it didn’t include ten kilometres of walking along the street. And although it gets exhausting to go up and down a lot, I’m happy for quite a while. After about six kilometres I see a sign which tells me that there will be a bar in 40 minutes which works out perfectly for my ten o’clock break.


I keep walking and three times I come across cages filled with dogs barking intensely for help. Super Kate frees them all, but normal Kate keeps on walking, heartbroken. Eventually I cross a road and enter a forest were I am being massively attacked by about a thousand horse flies. It gets so annoying I even start to run for a bit, which I give up again quite quickly since it’s pretty exhausting. I then cross another street and walk up to a church which tell me both, the sign and my guide book. After climbing through some bushes, I figure this can’t be the way and a nice older man tells me I have to return to the street and take another road. The bar doesn’t show either. I’m getting pretty annoyed and frustrated with walking. I have to admit that after six weeks on the road, I’m really looking forward to getting to Rome and then going back home to my cosy nest. I haven’t been there in over five months due to other obligations. It’s getting time.
Well, finally I see a bar (a different one) which is a great relief. I had been walking 14km straight by that time. Even more happy am I about seeing the boys there. We take a longer break and I’m in a better mood again. My day is saved when we reach a Roman bath which I use for a little swim. The water is pretty cold but so very refreshing.


After many more kilometres we reach Strove, a nice old village. Sadly everything is closed so we don’t stay long but set out for the last three kilometres.


We reach Badia Isola where we stay in a very nice and new hostel next to the church. It’s lead by two older men who also make dinner and breakfast for us. The ice cold beer in the bar after a long day is amazing. So is dinner. We are now in a region where more and more pilgrims gather so it’s quite a fest with eight of them. We have too much wine and I go to bed happily yet tired of walking none the less…




2 responses

  1. Martin Beaver

    Great blog, Kate, and brings back good memories of the same walk I did in March/April. Stay strong and remember to pick up a stone on the way to put in the bowl in the tower at Fromello. Buon cammino.


    September 9, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    • Hey Martin, good to hear you did the same walk. It’s strenuous and I’m getting tired. But I’m nearly there so I keep going. Thanks for the tip with the stone! It wasn’t in my book. I already picked one up…


      September 13, 2014 at 6:17 pm

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