Day 47: Bolsena to Montefiascone

Another beautiful day. It was pretty cold this morning which is nice for walking. Jesper and Alina were too fast for me today as with my new blisters I’m a little slower. I got those from wearing my sandals yesterday after my shoes got wet before Acquapendente and didn’t dry again… Anyway. I’m enjoying the walk on my own. I’m slow, but happy. The landscape is beautiful and the path good to walk on. I can look at the lake Lago Di Bolsena a lot. And even more important, today I hit the 100 kilometre mark. It’s so amazing to see this point after over 1000 kilometres of walking. 46 days behind me. Five more days to Rome. My feet are in pain. But I’m able to ignore it all day long since I’m feeling well. Arriving at Montefiascone it takes a while to get to the Convento di Capuccini, where we are sleeping tonight. The beds are squeaky, but everything else is fine. And then in the evening, all reunited, Alina, Jesper, Markus and his dad and I, enjoy some take away pizza during the sunset over the lake beneath us.
It’s strange though how sometimes you can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely. I’m not sure if it’s all those days of being in a different place every day, or the painful feet, or the general tiredness which makes me want to go to bed straight after arrival, or the feeling of nearly being there… Anyway. I’m good. I’m happy. I’m enjoying the walk. And I can’t wait fur my holidays in Rome 😉







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