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Day 48: Montefiascone to Viterbo

Another beautiful day full of sunshine and great landscape. Another day to walk on my own and go for a swim in a thermal bath. Finally. The walk is short today, nothing hurts and I get to Viterbo in what feels like no time. Reunited with my fellow pilgrims we go for a stroll around town and have an amazing dinner. I love having people around me. At times, especially on a pilgrimage, their strength keeps you going. At other times, being in a group is difficult. Today it made me learn some things about myself. Tomorrow is the last hard day before Rome. 29 kilometres up and down a hill of 900m altitude. Difference now is that I don’t mind. I’ll let you know if my intuition on this one was right afterwards.
Sleep well. Keep your heads high. Be yourselves and accept other for who they are. What you dislike in others, change about yourself. That’s what I asked for today. The ability not to make fun of others and to also love the people who hurt me. Breathing deeply. Having patience for myself.