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Day 45: Radicofani to Acquapendente

Yesterday we met Alina in the hostel. We had run into her mother in Siena where the two of them had met to celebrate the mom’s birthday. Since she was I’ll, we finally caught up. This morning Jesper, Alina and is make our way back onto the road. I’m loving it! Yes, indeed. I’m enjoying the walk so very much. It’s amazing. The views are spectacular since we are above the fog which covers the landscape like a mystery world.




The clouds were already suggesting what we didn’t want to admit… Rain! It starts slowly so we get the chance to put our rain gear on. I’m so very happy I got myself a new poncho without holes. It’s perfect. However, the rain increases and turns into such heavy rain that the water runs down my legs and into my shoes. We’re trying to find cover but there’s no place to hide. Therefore, after seven great kilometres, the next three I walk in puddles inside my own shoes. When reaching a bar, first I get changed. I’m cold. And the skies are too wet to walk on. Blister alert! We are told there is a bus from there to Acquapendente at a quarter to twelve, so we wait. At twenty past, it actually arrives.
“Acqua pendente” means “falling water” and refers to the many waterfalls in the area. I guess, for me, it has a different meaning from now on. It’s a nice little town though. With shelter for the night.

Off to Bolsena tomorrow to swim in the lake!!! 🙂