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Day 50: Sutri to Campagnano di Roma

Like most days, today was longer than it said in the book. But I was another good walk. The weather was really nice and I could refresh my tan (obviously very important). My feet were hurting again, but since we took several breaks, I managed to push through. One break was at the waterfall of Monte Gelato, the ice cream mountain. What a beautiful place on earth.
Starting the last round, clouds came up and some raindrops were falling, but we made it safely to Campagnano without getting wet. The city is on a hill and there is a very steep climb into the old tone from the forest side. That was our way. It’s amazing to do some climbing at the end of a long walk, I can tell you. The old town is amazing. It looked a bit dead though and we were happy to find out, that there were other parts of town too. We finished the day with a wonderful pizza at Pane, amore e fantasia.
Two more days to Rome. Unbelievable!!!