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Day 49: Viterbo to Sutri

A long day today. I walked with Markus and his dad. They have my pace, but we didn’t take many breaks. I think my feet might need some once in a while. Because after about 25 kilometres with only a five minute stop my feet hurt. I mean serious pain. But I keep going until we reach the next/first little village. Food and coffee and resting my naked feet for a moment makes me stronger again. I can do the last six kilometres. Pain comes back, but today nothing matters. I have reached the point now when you don’t mind anymore, when “bad” things are simply ok to happen. Sutri is beautiful. Three more days. Onwards. Happy countdown!












Day 43: Ponte d’Arbia to San Quirico

Today I’m failing. We head off pretty late and reach the next village after four kilometres. I have to admit to myself, I’m already done. My feet are hurting. But even worse is the inner numbness. I don’t want to walk. My feet keep moving none the less. After a while the pain is everywhere so I can’t even feel it anymore because I can’t locate it. To the next village it’s about 13k and since the hiking path is in the middle of nowhere, I know I have to get there. I’m slow. So very slow. My brain is tired and my spirit is low. But somehow I do get there. The boys are waiting in a cafe. I sit down for some coffee and pastry. Then coke. When the others walk on, I follow the example of three other pilgrims I saw before on the bus. The last six of today’s 24 kilometres, I sit with my backpack in my arms looking out of the window. A part of me feels bad because I think I should be walking every single step. But the other part is at peace. I know it was a good choice.
San Quirico is beautiful. But really all I do is have shower, sleep, buy some food and rest some more. I’m tired. My whole body is tired. It’s time to arrive. I’m at the end of my journey. Only a few days left…